Does Your Business Have Strong Enough Passive Fire Protection?

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It’s a terrifying thought. With as much time and investment as your company has put into your buildings, the last thing you want to see is your infrastructure go up in flames.

Many building owners think first about active fire protection. This only serves to stop the spread of fire after the fire has begun.

When you’re creating large new structures, one of the most important elements you must consider is your passive fire protection. Passive fire protection is everything you’ve done to compartmentalize outbreaks of fire to stop or slow the spread of flames. Here’s why it’s so vital:

  • It limits the amount of damage caused;
  • It prevents the loss of life or injury by giving people more time to evacuate;
  • It allows emergency responders to stop the fire faster by secluding the area engulfed in flames.

Before a fire breaks out, you must plan and prepare. Some of the best products you can use in large, commercial buildings are fire proofing foams, sprays, and caulking.

Fireproofing Foams to Secure Your Building

prd14When building a new structure, an addition onto your commercial building, or renovating an old area, add fireproofing foam to the list of must-haves. In most states, the law requires you to have this.

Foams create a fire barrier. They stop the spread of fire through passageways in attics and ceilings. They work as a thermal insulator, coating wood, brick, metal, plastic, and cabling.

When shopping for a foam for your building, make sure you find one that expands easily. This will help you cover more area and minimize the risk of shrinkage over time, which can expose your structure to fire danger. Check out our recommended Boss 813 Firestop Foam to learn more.

Prevent Your Fabrics and Wood From Going Up in Flames

InspectashieldConsider the amount of chairs, carpeting, and curtains in your building. Pair that with the equally flammable wooden elements, such as furniture and beams, and you have a prime area for fire danger.

To prevent these notoriously flammable materials from getting engulfed in flames in a matter of seconds, it’s important to spray them with a fireproofing material.

Inspectashield is the preferred fireproofing spray used in hospitals, casinos, and universities. This spray gives a non-toxic, odorless, invisible coating to all of your woods and fabrics. You won’t be able to tell it’s there until you watch how well it stops the spread of a fire.

Create a Water-Resistant Fireproof Seal

Fire can sneak through the tiniest of cracks. Holes in the sealing, walls, or electrical outlets can put a stop to your passive fire safety.

Before your building can be completely secure from the risk of a fast-moving fire, you need to caulk crevices and cracks. Ask your contractor to use a water-based fire barrier caulk. This will help it dry faster (regardless of humidity level) and prevent water induced damage over time.

We suggest 3M fire caulking, which is top grade and paintable!

If you have any questions about these and other products for your commercial building, give us a call. Our fireproofing experts are on hand to help you find the best materials to keep you safer from the threat of fire.