How to Fireproof Curtains With Inspectashield

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Take a look around your home. What do you think would be the fastest item to go up in flames if a fire broke out? For many homeowners, it’s the curtains.

Curtains hang close to the ground and ceiling. They’re made of fabric, which makes them highly flammable and easily destructible. That is, unless you take the necessary precautions to fireproof curtains in your home.



How to Fireproof Your Curtains

Many times, homeowners hesitate to fireproof their curtains out of worry that it’ll be too expensive. Hiring a professional to fireproof your curtains can be costly.

These people will treat the fabrics with chemicals to stop the spread of fire. They will also recommend that you treat other decorative items in your home, such as artificial plants, paintings, or furniture with wood and fabric.

When you bring your decorative items to the fireproofing company, they will soak them in the chemicals or spray them thoroughly with a fireproofing solution. This is an easy process and one you could do at home with an equally effective product.

DIY Fireproofing

Instead of paying big money for the time and labor of a professional company, you can easily fireproof your own curtains and home.

Inspectashield is a non-toxic fireproofing spray. It applies and dries clearly without damaging your fabrics or wood. It’s the choice for many homeowners and professionals because of how easy it is to use and how effective it is at preventing fire.

Inspectashield is a class-A product recognized by fire officials across the United States.

To apply it, simply spray the solution onto your curtains, window coverings, sofa, end tables, and any other decorative item. Remember to spray it evenly to make sure all areas of the item are coated against fire danger.

Staying Safe Against Fire

Fireproofing materials are not completely fire resistant. They simply lower the risk of an item catching on fire and spreading quickly throughout your home.

No matter how well you have fireproofed your home, we recommend you still lower your risk of a fire outbreak. Take precautions by keeping your curtains and drapes away from areas that heat up quickly, such as outlets, lamps, candles and stoves.

Contact us for a free demonstration of Inspectashield in our El Paso storeroom or to learn more about the specific ways it can benefit your home.