The Fire Safety Code Compliance and Certifications Behind All Our Products

One of the most common questions we hear is, “are these products up to fire safety code compliance?” The short answer is, yes.

When you’re working on a new construction project, one of the most critical elements is your ability to comply with the fire safety codes. These codes can often feel overwhelming or confusing – especially if you’re new to the construction industry.

Federal, State, and Municipal Building Codes require that structures, decorative materials and interior finishes meet specific flame retardant maintenance clauses.  Without the right products, your building or home could be out of code and required to undergo construction to certify it meets the current codes.

This is something we take seriously at Fire Shield West. Here is how we verify you will get the best products to bring you up to code.

Decorative Materials

decorative candleWhether you have a commercial building or a private home, you must meet the required fire codes by the National Fire Prevention Association.

All interior finishes must be treated, maintained, and renewed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You can find this information under the service conditions for actual use. This is especially vital for high occupancy buildings.

A memorandum from the Center for Medicaid (CMS) said, “Generally these finishes are renewed on a regular basis when the facility updates and refreshes its interior and can obtain the needed documentation at that time.” To read the full text, click here.

For more information about decorative materials, please visit our fire safety resources page.


Chapter 8 from the International Code Council states that interior finish, decorative materials and furnishings must be treated for fire safety.

If you’re selling upholstered furniture or mattresses in California, it is the law (California Technical Bulletin 133 and California Technical Bulletin 117) that every product must meet the flammability requirements. This is true for furniture and upholstered products in both residential and commercial areas. To meet these requirements, InspectaShield Plus can be used as a flame retardant, for example.

Construction: Combustible Materials in Type I and Type II

Subfloors, wood floors and any other type of insulating boards require flame retardant materials before they can be code compliant.

Inspecta-Shield Plus qualifies as a Class A product to treat wood and meet these required standards. This product can be used with both Type I and Type II construction for IBC Section 803 1.1, Chapter 5 of NFPA 703, and ICC Evaluation Report NO ESR-2019.

High Occupancy Buildings

Depending on the use of a room, there are certain compliancy standards that must be met. Here is the top 10 most common in high occupancy buildings:

  1. Assembly (see Section 303)
  2. Business (see Section 304)
  3. Educational (see Section 305)
  4. Factory and Industrial (see Section 306)
  5. High Hazard (see Section 307)
  6. Institutional (see Section 308)
  7. Mercantile (see Section 309)
  8. Residential (see Section 310)
  9. Storage (see Section 311)
  10. Utility and Miscellaneous (see Section 312)


Download this PDF to see more of the specific certifications we have at Fire Shield West.