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Fire Proof Your Home and Protect the People Who Matter Most to You: Your Family

One of your most valued assets is your home. It’s more than a structure. It’s the people inside, the pictures of your most cherished memories, and the heirlooms that can’t be replaced.

When you want to protect the people and treasures that matter the most to you, you need to fire proof your home.

Fire proofing materials can be applied to almost any surface or object in your house. From the structure and foundation of your home to the decorations and accents, you want to protect your house from being destroyed by flames. The first step to keeping your family and memories safe is to take measures to fire proof the inside and outside of your house.

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curtains-and-upholsteryOne of the first parts of your home to go up in flames is your curtains and upholstery. InspectaShield is a spray-able flame retardant. Once applied, it uses a wetting agent to infuse flame retardant compounds into the fibers of your fabrics. It’s non-toxic and certified to stop or slow the spread of flames.

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walls-and-jointsThe walls and joints of your home are some of the most at-risk areas. Cracks around electrical boxes, in fireplaces, or along the seams of the wall pose a fire threat in your home. Fire proof your home with 3M Fire Barrier paints, fire caulking and fire putty to stop minimize the danger.

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Wood is flammable by nature. Sealing the wood structure, beams, and elements of your house with fire retardant paints, sprays, or coating will keep your family safer.

The powerful 3M fire barrier sealant, BOSS 813 foam, or 3M fire caulking are just a few of the weather-resistant fire proofing products we offer you.


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